Actually, I’ve already had a web blog account at blogspot. Then, why do I make another account at wordpress?


Because when I try to check my name as a web blog site at wordpress, it is available. Well, there’s so many people named Shellya. So I think it’s amazing if I could use it as my own web blog site. Cause, when I tried to use my own name for my web blog at blogspot, it’s not available. It have already taken by anyone else and I must use another name as my web blog site at blogspot.


My web blog at blogspot is using Bahasa, and this web blog is using English. But, this site is not the English version of my web blog at blogspot. What I wrote here’s definitely different with what I wrote on blogspot. My web blog at blogspot is about my daily activities, stupid things that I’ve done, etc. And this web blog is about my opinion about the current news, articles,and so on. And I’m sorry for my English, I know it wasn’t good enough. But, I hope you can understand what I mean. 😀

At last,

Thanks a lot for wasting your time to read my first shit talks here. 🙂

(hey .. it sounds too formal, i guess :D)


5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. takbantuin sel,, biar lebih merakyat..
    bahasa inggris tuh juga sama ma bahasa indonesia..
    ada bahasa sehari-hari juga..
    dan itu gak pake aturan grammar..
    pake aturan sehari-hari..
    tenang aja.. orang2 luar gak bakal protes kok..
    aku wes biasa ketemu bule.. bahasa lisan mereka jauh dari grammar..
    bahasa tulisnya juga gak formal2 amat..
    contoh: “they are very tolerate..” iki opo yo grammar..

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