Geek’s Life

When we were born, our lives were installed with software named parents1.0. We can’t uninstall it, remove it, or delete it although we want to do it. But, we will regret when it’s uninstalled by itself.


When we grew up, we’ll find another software named boy1.0, boy2.0, etc to be installed with. Then, when the Beta version was released, we could upgrade it into boyfriend1.0. Somehow, boyfriend1.0 didn’t work properly. It made some application damage, and the system temporary down. So, we need to uninstall it to keep the system working properly again.

And then, we found the new version of boyfriend2.0. Some people said that the new version is better than the old one. It won’t give any risk to the system.Β  And then, we install the new version and see how it is going. At first, it’s Ok. The system’s speed was increased a lot. But then, I don’t know why boyfriend2.0 gives a bad response to me. Sometimes, it didn’t work properly and I need to restart it to use it. Then I check it, and find out that the boyfriend1.0 wasn’t successfully uninstalled. The boyfriend1.0 leaves some registries that can’t be removed. That’s the reason why boyfriend2.0 didn’t work properly anymore. They’re not compatible each other. And it makes some parts broken and some applications damaged. To keep the system, boyfriend2.o must be uninstalled, then i must defrag the system, and check it from any viruses. I don’t care whether boyfriend2.0 leaves any registries that can’t be removed in the system like boyfriend1.0. I’m waiting for the beta version to install. I think the beta version can handle the registries that can’t be removed from the system and fix it. πŸ˜€


The beta version of boyfriend’s application must be upgrade too. It will be upgrade into Fiance1.0.But we need an internet connection to upgrade it. And sometimes, when the internet connection was available, the boyfriendBETA couldn’t be upgraded for any reason that we can’t find out. But when the boyfriendBETA offers the upgrade, we can’t get any internet connection. So, we must prepare the internet connection available, so when boyfriendBETA offers the upgrade it will be upgraded.

After installed the fiance1.0, we need to keep the application safely. Because, if we made any mistakes, it could uninstalled itself and we need to start all over again from boyfriend’s application, and it’s totally sucks.

When the time’s come, the fiance1.0 will be upgrade into husband1.0. But husband1.0 must be installed with its package. The package is including motherinlaw1.0, fatherinlaw1.0, and sometimes we can found sisterinlaw1.0 and brotherinlaw1.0. The full package of husband1.0 can’t be customable to install. And we can’t remove it, without uninstall husband1.0.

For the next step, we must handle two kind of application to make sure the system won’t be damage. We must keep the husband1.0 work properly, even though we still distress to take a control of this application. Otherwise, motherinlaw1.0 always sends notifications that must be done by us. Maybe as a newbie, we will get a little stress to handle all of it. But as time goes by, we won’t be stress out anymore.Β  πŸ˜€


7 thoughts on “Geek’s Life

  1. woowww
    imajinasimu sangar..tumben bisa berpikir seperti itu..
    ni njiplak ta emang original chel??he2

  2. wow… you really are a geek(i mean in a compliment way)… I stumbled across your blog looking for binary I love you…. but liked this one particularly more.. πŸ˜€ well keep it up… nice post…

  3. Wow! Berdua dengan si bungsu kami sampai tergelak πŸ™‚ 0100 1001 0010 0000 0100 1100 0110 1111 0111 0110 0110 0101 0010 0000 0101 1001 0110 1111 0111 0101r fantasy …

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