what they said about us

Lately, I’ve been so curious about what foreign people think about Indonesian. So, since a week ago I try to find it out.

Then, I found that they think that Indonesia is full with corruption. It makes me fell so ashamed to recognize it. I think Mr. SBY should make a new step to against it. Or maybe he can continue his KPK with choose a new leader, of course (we know if the old one had arrested because of murder).

But then I found something that makes me wonder. When I check about my city, Surabaya in en.wikipedia they describe it more details than in id.wikipedia. And then I check the other things about our culture. The article at id.wikipedia almost similar like at en.wikipedia. But why en.wikipedia could describe it better?

The simpler example is about the old synagogue in Surabaya. The whole world know about it (and have visited it and take a picture of it), and en.wikipedia describe it too. But why do we can’t find the same article about it at id.wikipedia? I don’t understand about it. We must know everything about ours, isn’t it? But it seems like we’ve been foolish. The foreign people know about ours better than us.

“Islam is the religion of hate and despair, no doubt about it.”

I found that quote when I read an article about Indonesian’s Muslim. It makes me so disappointed. It seems like we’re so stingy. But we’re not like that! I don’t even recognize the bomber who said his way is a jihad as a Muslim. I think they just a moron who successfully brain washed to kill the innocent people.

The only positive thing that they said about Indonesia is just about Bali. Yeah, I know it’s quite beautiful. And so many people want to go there. But sometimes they think if Bali is not included in Indonesia.

Hmm.. Then, how could we change their point of view of Indonesian?


One thought on “what they said about us

  1. hehehe… finally honey, you wrote more serious article… keep posting! and never ever proud to be Indon!! :))

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