Idul Fitri 1430 H

The Ramadan-BETA’s license has been expired today. Yes, this application only active for a month in a year. And then we need to upgrade it into the Idul-Fitri version. The newest of its version is Idul-Fitri1.430H which is contained several requirements to be done before we could installed it.

The first requirement is we need to active the Forgiveness-BETA. But if you haven’t installed it yet, you must install it from Forgiveness1.0. You can’t install the BETA version of Forgiveness application if you don’t have the entire version of it. Anyway, you should make sure the entire version of Forgiveness application successfully installed without any corrupt or damage file. Because, the BETA version of it won’t work properly if the installation error or maybe contained any viruses. If the BETA version can’t work properly, you can’t upgrade your system into the Idul-Fitri1.430H and your system might be broken.

The second requirement is we need to remove all bad registries that might be infected viruses, damaged, and another possibilities of it that make the system moving so slow. Check the critical areas of the system first, and then check it throughout the entire system.  I wish you won’t miss any registry. Because if you’re missed it, the system couldn’t upgrade into the Idul-Fitri1.430H version. And it will be useless.

The last requirement is we need to uninstall and clean up all unused application, such as lies2.0, vengeance1.0, evil-BETA, etc. You can’t just disable those applications, you must uninstall it! Even you have the latest version of it, you must uninstall it. If you don’t, of course you can’t upgrade your system into Idul-Fitri1.430H version. The installation will be stopped, because those applications which is not uninstalled yet, could contained some viruses.

Well, if all of those requirements have already done, it’s time to upgrade the system into Idul-Fitri1.430H version. Just wait the installation of it complete, and run it when it done. If you have done all of those requirements carefully, the application will work properly and will show: “MINAL AIDZIN WAL FAIDZIN. Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin. Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1430 H.” (I’m so sorry for all of my mistakes, happy Idul-Fitri 1430 H).


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