The most important thing is the way you treat your customers.

I really disappointed with Sutos (Surabaya Town Square) XXI service, especially when it comes to M-Tix. Actually it’s not the first time.  They have a really fucked up management about M-Tix service. Well, I don’t know if the problem is about the management system or the employees. The point is they don’t serve as well as they should do.

Honestly, I love to go to Sutos. It isn’t as big as Tunjungan Plaza, but I think it fit me in. I only need 30 minutes to get there though.

Unfortunately, the M-Tix service of its XXI  is really a mess. I think it’s because of the employees. Well, let me tell you about my stories.

The first one is when I signed up for the M-Tix account. I told them my mobile number, and gave them my money to fill in the balance account just like others did.

Nothing’s wrong there. But the problem is when I tried to use my account to buy the ticket online, the fucking-system told me if my mobile number haven’t registered yet! What the hell is it? I already create an account and have a balance on it, but it said that I don’t have any! Angry? Of course I am.

So, I dialed the Sutos XXI customer care number and ask them about it. And then they said if my number haven’t registered yet, and they’ll help to fix it. I’m glad to hear if they will fix it.

But something bugs my mind and I asked them how they’ll fix it, and their answer was “You can come here tomorrow, miss. Bring 150k IDR and we’ll sign you up so you can use your mobile number to buy the ticket online”.

And for the God sake, I yelled at them via phone call. How dare they ask me like that if at the first time I already told them if the problem is I ALREADY PAY FOR THE GOD DAMN ACCOUNT BUT THEY DON’T SIGN ME UP. How could they ask me to pay it twice? Where the hell is my money if they ask me to pay it twice?

I think they don’t listened to me carefully at the first time, and have just realized the problem when I yelled at them. And the result is they still asked me to come there to fix the problem.

And in the next day I came there to fixed it up. I try to remembered the day I signed up and they tried to trace it. It found out that the operator that signed me up was a moron (or maybe deaf).  My account was registered with a wrong number. My number is 62856xxxx3330 but they signed me with this number 62856xxxx330.  I already told the operator if it has triple 3, but in fact they stored it only with double 3.  Problem is not solved yet, I need to wait until the server at Jakarta modify it.

And when it already done and I activated my account I found out that they misspelled my name. They typed it as SHELLIYA not SHELLYA. Fyi, I spelled my name S-H-E-double L-Y-A to make sure they don’t make any mistake when creating my account. They said “Yes, miss” but the fact is they misspelled it. What’s wrong with Sutos XXI’s employees? Are they deaf or what? Don’t take a job which make you have to involve with someone else if you’re an ignorant person! I’m such an ignorant person, that’s why I became a programmer which makes me involved with computers, not a real people or customers.

And third one, which is the fatal, was happened this afternoon. So, this morning I have a plan to watch “Unstoppable” with my mom. Then, I ordered the ticket online from the web. I choose the city, the theater, the movie and click the “OK” button. The report generated, and it is like this:

M-Tix Report from

The report said that I’ve just used my account to buy two tickets from Sutos XXI. But guess what happened when I got there to get my ticket? They said if I didn’t buy any ticket for that movie and I ordered it for Grand City XXI, not for Sutos XXI. Did they think I’m blind? I know what I ordered and I can read if the God damn report told me if I ordered the tickets for Sutos XXI, not Grand City XXI. I argued with those morons (one of them named Andriyanti, and she is the dumbest I guess, I really mad with her explanation which said I ask for something that I didn’t ordered) for more than 30 minutes with no result. I can’t get my balance back, and they do nothing. They take no action but told me to go to Grand City XXI to fixed that up.

And then I decided to stop arguing with them and go to Grand City XXI. I realize if it’s useless to talk with morons and I said it directly to them.

At Grand City XXI I explained to them the fucking problem and told them too if Sutos XXI dismiss their responsible to handle this problem and throw this mess to them. Actually they shocked. And after I have a little talk with the employee (I forgot her name, but she really nice and take care the customer seriously), she made a call. I guess she ask to her boss how to handle this problem.

And after a while, a man who looks like 30 years old showed up and ask me “Do you mind if we change the ticket with the next show, miss? I’m afraid you can’t get the seat that you’ve choose in this ticket. But I’ll try to find the best seat which is available in that show.”

Honestly I’m surprised. I didn’t argue with his employee and just said about the problem but he offered me to take the next show ticket (or course for free). And then I answered it politely “It doesn’t matter Sir. As long as it doesn’t hurt my neck.”

And then he checked the available seat with his employee and offer me Row C seat 7 & 8. My ticket was for Row B seat 11-12. I think it’s nice. It’s nice to have the next show and the most important thing is “How they keep their customer satisfy”. I really appreciate their work. They were sorry for the inconvenient, which is I think it’s not their fault. And of course I said thank you to them.

This is really makes me think if Sutos XXI still treat their customer like that, they might lost their customer soon. They have to listen to the customer carefully. They work for the customers, that’s why the theater pay them. To serve us! So serve us as great as you can do. And for a complicated thing such as M-Tix, please put a smart person to take care of it. If it is a system-error, your employee should explain it as well as she/he could do. Don’t play the “It’s not our mistake so I won’t give a damn about it” to the customer.


8 thoughts on “The most important thing is the way you treat your customers.

  1. hohohoh,,,so know that the service SUTOS very unpleasant, perhaps because previous SUTOS become a better place to watch from the other,,but that was before there was GRAND CITY

    1. They should improved their performance. Grand City is a huge mall, and its XXI bigger than Sutos. I was in studio 4, but it’s as big as Sutos XXI studio 2. I’m afraid someday ppl will choose Grand City XXI or Galaxy or maybe TP XXI to watch movies and Sutos will be a place to hang around only. Not a choice to watch movie and hang out anymore.

  2. all that remains the problem of competition. SUTOS probably felt it was better, so it dared to hire workers who can not spell,,wkwwk

    1. Haha. I don’t really put the misspelled thing as an issue. But yes, she is totally a moron and deaf. I already spelled my name but she got it wrong.

  3. wes…mending bikin surat pembaca di jawapos ae…pasti langsung ada tanggapan balik,,,,secara gitu…wkwkwkwkk

    than you complain there’s nothing to hear here??

    1. I already put it on detik :p
      Anyway since Grand City already treat me so well like that, the only thing that I want to share is about the stories so everyone who read this could be more careful and know if shits could be happen.

      1. detik mah kurang menggigit,,,yg sering dibaca sama orang+bos2 kan jawapos karo kompas..cobaen kirim lagi,,sopo ero dapet gratisan lagi,he2

        but at least,,,we came to know the services of sutos XXI is like tai kebo,,haha

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