An Apologize from XXI.

Do you remember my last post about Sutos XXI service? Yeah, when it comes to M-Tix they act like a dick. A living one (LOL). Okay, read it first if you haven’t read it. Click here to redirect you to that post 🙂

So, that accident happened about a month ago. And this evening someone from XXI Jakarta called me to re-check about that. Honestly, I’m surprised. Yeah, at first I thought it’s someone from, re-check my complain that I wrote, so when he publish it, it won’t sounds too bad (well, Grand City already offered me a nice solution and I took it, but still deep inside I’m quite disappointed with Sutos XXI service).

Okay, about the phone call that I’ve got. Honestly I’m a lil bit misheard about his name, if I’m not mistaken his name is Zubaidi (I’m sorry Sir if I typed it wrong). So, Mr. Zubaidi asked me about the chronology of the accident. And then I told him the point of that problem. Yes, the problem is Sutos XXI gave me a bad service at that time. And yes, I still give double thumb up to Grand City XXI service :D.

I put a high respect to this man. Well, actually not only to him because I know it’s his job to clean up a mess like this. But at least I give applause to XXI management service. Though the problem already solved, they still try to clear it out to me (yeah, I know they did it to save their own name, but still it means they’re professional).

And then a couple minutes later, my mobile phone ringing again. Guess what, Mr. Endang, Sutos XXI’s manager called me and apologize for that accident. And I really start to think if the problem is that employee (if you still remember, in my last post I argued with two Sutos XXI’s employees).

So, maybe she’s afraid to told her manager about this problem and decided to told her friend (which ended up with argued with me too) because she didn’t want her manager mad at her (and maybe give her a detension).  Unfortunately, I get mad at her (and of course with her friend too) put my complains here and and then everything messed up. XXI’s management at Jakarta found out this problem, call Sutos XXI’s manager and (maybe) ask him to trace down this problem to his employees.

So, to all of you. Once again I want to reminds you all, if your work is about serve a customer don’t act like a dick and play I don’t care things to your customer. Watch out your mouth. 🙂

PS:  I try to search down to and find my complain form :D. Click here if you want to read it. Btw, I also found another form complaining about Cineplex service. Someone gets impolite service just like me. So I think it seems like Cineplex (so it means 21 and XXI) should teach their employees about how to treat and keep customer satisfy.


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