The reason why those single guys stay single?

Few days ago, one of my friend stated that he would like to be alone in this world if having someone else cost too much. He said that marriage cost us a lot which we can use for another kind of things. And it makes me think, actually the idea of dating someone also cost you money that you could use for other thing.

Oh well, let’s count how much we spent for a date.

First, you might want to take her to have a conversation together; like, knowing her better. So you take her to a coffee shop.

To impress her, or maybe make her feels like home (if she used to go to that kind of place) you take her to a little expensive coffee shop which already known in a lot of countries. That’s sounds nice, right? But wait, your finance might be disagreeing with that. It cost you at least 30k to 40k IDR for a drink. And for the snack it asks about 30k, at least. So, though you both split the bill it still cost you about 60k, just for a drink and snacks while having a conversation with her.

If you choose a local coffee shop, you can save the money a little bit. The price range starts from 15k to 30k at top. And snacks are about 30k at top. So if both of you doesn’t order the most expensive menu, 60k could cover the whole bill. But still, you spend it just for drinks and snacks while having a conversation with her.

If the conversation goes well, you might think to go to a movie with her. If it’s weekday, it’s 25k each. If it’s weekend, then screw you, it’s 50k each! And of course you don’t want her to be thirsty after swallowing popcorn, don’t you? Then, it puts you for an extra 10k for popcorn (salty popcorn, if you ask for the caramel, it’s 25k) and about 20k for a large cup of lemon tea (this is the cheapest beverage, I guess).

The movie was great. But it’s already dark outside. And you’re hungry. You haven’t eaten anything but snacks at the coffee shop and popcorn. If she’s in a diet, then thank god you could save your money for a cheap dinner near your house. But if she’s not, of course she’d like to have dinner with you.

Well, this puts you in another dilemma. Where should you ask her for dinner? Is she okay if you take her to a cheap place near the park with a lot of street performance walking by your table? Of course, you can save your money (yea, it only cost you about 25k for both of you), but it’s also possible you lost your chance to have another date with her if she’s not okay with that.

Then, you’re thinking to take her to a restaurant. Now, the question is what kind of restaurant? Local, Japanese, American, Italian, or else? And though you already decide a local restaurant, for example, you still need to decide by the price range. The average one, that cost about 80k to 150k for two.  The expensive one, that costs up to 500k for two. Or the ultimate, that ask you 500k just for one menu?

This is just for a medium type of date, but you already have to think about a lot of things that cost you so much money. So I don’t blame those single guys who think if date is overrated. But if you date a high maintenance type of girl, just prepared to have at least 700k in your pocket for a date. She’s beautiful, but cost you money. Go with the average girl, or just don’t date if you don’t want to lose your money so much.


12 thoughts on “The reason why those single guys stay single?

  1. It could always be consider as an investment, tho.

    *lupa terakhir kali ngedate pertama*

    1. Ugly! I’m a bit shorter, but had problems to my knee as well due to an old running hobby.What helped for me was trngsing/atrenithening the muscles around it (mainly the quadriceps) so that they would absorb the pressure on the knee. In the end I gave up on running, but the knee gives me less to no problems anymore.But I am not really sure if it would help in your case. The problems seem alot worse.

  2. Sepertinya memang perlu sekali membuat “batasan” yang jelas tentang masalah pengeluaran dalam berpacaran ini. Lebih baik terbuka kepada masing-masing. Dengan begitu, tidak ada semacam paksaan dan tentu saja hubungan akan terjalin menuju titik yang lebih baik. Great post, anyway! 😀

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