Life is a bitch.

I thought I hit rock bottom on 2015, but 2016 proved me wrong. Back then I believe I’m tough enough, I can stand on my own feet and face the world. I tried to put my smile every day and hoped that 2017 will be better.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. Life will knock you down, over and over again. Just when I thought my life is getting better and I finally can have my smile, shit happens. Again.

2017 knocks every aspect of my fucking life down. I have to go through the same struggle I had on 2015 and 2016 AT THE FUCKING SAME TIME! But my life thinks those are not enough and I can get away easily. So, my life decides to screw me over by blowing another part of my life, BIG TIME!

I wish I could cry and complaining about my life like most people do. But, whenever I tried to, I froze. The only thing I had on my lips was a smirk. Not even a word. And my consciousness keeps telling me that I don’t need someone else pity my life.

Now, I feel like my life is forcing me to claim my defeat. You win my dear, I’m tired. As you can see, by writing this down I announce my defeat and wish that someone out there cares enough to tell me that everything is gonna be alright.




2 thoughts on “Life is a bitch.

  1. Everythings gonna be alright eventually,either that or you’ll ended up not giving a damn about anything anymore. Then again,once you hit Rock Bottom, there’s a bus going up to Bikini Bottom,I heard they have the best burger under the ocean.

    1. Thank you! It’s a very nice of you to say those things. Life must go on, so like it or not I have to live with that and probably masking every possible emotion in this life since I cannot feel anything anymore. Oh, but I think I *still* can have a good crab-burger. I’m gonna have to catch the bus later!

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