Hello, have you read my posts? Hope you enjoy it. đŸ™‚

This blog is totally about what’s in my head. At first I want to make all posts in this blog written in English. But because of my limitation in English, I decide to write it in two language, English and Indonesian.

Well, I’m not a full-time blogger who always update his/her blog almost everyday or at least, update it regularly. I’m more into a part-time blogger who tends to take a long hiatus.  That’s why you might find this blog has a small number of post though it already created a long time ago.

If you want to know more about what’s in my head, you can follow me on twitter @_shly. I update my twitter way lots more than here. đŸ˜›

Btw, thanks for visiting my blog and spend your time to read all of this.




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